Data Vs. Creativity In Branding

One of the articles in today’s sidebar posits that data can’t tell every story. The author, Bastien Frediani, claims we need good, old-fashioned human intuition to move people with bold ideas and spur them to action. The author further claims that decisions based solely on data often turn out to be bad ones. But my experience tells me the opposite is also true. Decisions based on no information at all frequently turn out to be disastrous. You’d be wise to proceed with caution when encountering people who say they make their decisions, “From the gut.” Truth is, and I think Frediani would agree, to make wise marketing or branding decisions, we need both data and creativity. Of course, we need the intuition to be bold and craft the kind of messaging that cuts through the clutter and engages target markets in positive ways. But we also need enough good information about those target markets that we can trust the ideas we intuit. It’s how I think about the creative leap for a commercial purpose. First, you must do your preparation. Then comes the creative leap, that mysterious idea-generating “something” that no one can explain. Finally, follow through. Read more.

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